Connect BYOD Devices - Basics

iPad To connect your BYOD device to the school wifi network and access the internet:

1. Turn on wifi on your device and connect to KKHS_BYOD using "KeriHigh" as the password.
This connects you to the school wifi network. It only needs to be done once.

2. Open your device's browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc). Go to the school website by typing in the full "" address (typing in "Kerikeri High", "KKHS" or any other variation won't work).

3. Requesting the school website will bring up the Fortinet firewall login page. Log in using your school username and password.
This will allow you through the firewall and onto the internet. It needs to be done once a day.
Tip: Add the school website to your Bookmarks,Favourites or Home Screen so you don't have to type in the full website address each morning.

Phone 4. Students only - Install the school's security certificate onto your device from the school website.
This will give you access to secure websites like Google and Youtube. It only needs to be done once.
Installing this certificate is done in different ways depending on what device you have - Apple iPhone or iPad, Apple Mac, Android, Chromebook or Windows.