Connect BYOD Devices - Android Certificate Install

Android Logo These instructions are for Android. There are separate instructions for Apple iPhones & Ipads, Apple Macs, Chromebooks and Windows devices.

On your Android BYOD device, you may get security warnings when going to secure websites like 'There are problems with the security certificate for this site'. Secure websites have addresses that begin with 'https' and they show a padlock icon in your browser's address bar once they've loaded. To load these sites without the error messages you need to install a Kerikeri High School certificate onto your device.

*** If your Android device has the Family Link parental control app installed, and lockdown is being applied, you will not be able to download and install the certificate until Family Link is unlocked. This can be done at home where the certificate can then be installed by your parent or caregiver. The same instructions apply, except step 2. ***

1. Ensure your device has a lock screen PIN, a swipecode or fingerprint access set up. Android won't let you install a certificate without it.

2. Ensure you are connected to Kerikeri High School's KKHS_BYOD wifi, have logged in through the Fortinet firewall and have access to the school website at Instructions on how to do this are available here.

3. Open your device's web browser, and go to by typing it in to the address bar. This will download a Kerikeri High School certificate to the device's local storage. Name it something obvious like 'kkhscert'. Leave the 'Used For' setting on 'VPN and Apps' and select 'OK'.

4. Go to Settings, Biometrics and Security, Other Security Settings.

5. Scroll down to the 'Credential Storage' section, select 'Install from Device Storage', then select the file you downloaded (kkhscert) and 'Done'.

6. Enter your device's PIN number, swipecode or press your fingerprint, when asked. The certificate will install and be ready for use.

7. To verify the installation you can go to Settings, Biometics and Security, Other Security Settings, View Security Certificates, User.
'Fortinet Fortigate CA' should be listed.

8. Re-open your browser. Try going to a secure website, e.g.
You should no longer get certificate security warnings.

These instructions were written using Android v10. The installation details may differ on other versions but the concepts are the same.